Hides and Thread

A strong obsession with leather goods and a keen eye for design led to the creation of Hides and Thread in 2016. We started with humble beginnings with a “mini atelier” set-up in a corner of an HDB apartment in Singapore (Public Housing in Singapore), creating only bespoke orders for customers through word-of-mouth. Every leather piece was meticulously conceptualised and painstakingly crafted from a small desk.

Since then, our overwhelming passion for the craft have grown into a viable business. Hides and Thread has matured from a small home-based atelier into a proper working studio offering their own suite of products and related services. Today, Hides and Thread is a leather design house, a small scale production line and a leather crafting space for avid learners, serving both corporate’s and hobbyists’ needs.

The brand is named “Hides and Thread” as these are the two key elements in every leather product – high quality leather and robust matching threads. The combinations of different types of leather and threads are endless. We are very particular about every detail that goes into our product, including the threads that we use. After multiple iterations of testing, we narrowed down our choice of tanneries and the accompanying thread to create the perfect match.