The Tea Story

It is not just the British who know how to enjoy a fine cup of tea. Right here on the Little Red Dot, The Tea Story is known for their organic & handcrafted exclusive caffeine-free selections curated from the world’s finest tea estates, you will be transported into the magical world of teas with every sip in the comfort of your homes. The talented tea-blending sommeliers at The Tea Story create an assortment of aromatic and exotic amalgamations of rich blends to tantalise your taste buds and deliver an unparalleled tea experience infused with love. From Cocktail inspired tea blends featuring Rose Lychee Martini, Fruity Sangria, to Exotic tea blends including Melon Sorbet & Jasmine Crème Brulee, The Tea Story has the perfect fix for all your tea needs with more than 25 unique tea assortments! Now this has got to be a tea haven for all you tea connoisseurs out there! Celebrate your parties in style with The Tea Story’s artisanal selections and brew up a cuppa your guests will remember this Christmas! So go ahead and cherish the unforgettable bonds formed over a cup of tea with The Tea Story!