K-Pop Kids Dance 5-Half-Day Workshop (Girls, 13-17 years)
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K-Pop Kids Dance 5-Half-Day Workshop (Girls, 13-17 years)

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K-Pop Kids Dance Workshop is a dance workshop that consists of fun and engaging dance classes whereby kids will learn choreography and moves of dance covers to their favourite and most popular K-Pop songs.

The dance workshop will also include game activities for the kids along with a video shoot of the dance choreography taught to the kids at the end of the workshop.

Kids participating in the dance workshop will learn basic hip hop grooves and body isolation movements to be able to perform K-Pop dance cover choreography steps. Participants will also learn to work in a group as there will be various specific movements performed by individuals (solos) during certain parts of the dance choreography. The song to be learnt will be Lovesick Girls by Blackpink. 

Date: 30 November (Mon) – 4 December (Fri) 2020
Time: 1pm - 4pm
Length of workshop: 5 days (3 hours/day)
Age Group: Girls, 13-17 years

*Minimum 10 participants required to start the workshop.